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Your challenges, our solutions

You manage real estate?

Why do you not allow your tenants to easily contact you via QR code? Let counter readings or defects communicate.

You rent an apartment?

Why do not you store the tips and tricks on your apartment on a QR code and never be called, where the vacuum cleaner is located.

Do you repair vehicles?

Why do not you deposit the next service appointment with the customer vehicle and remind it automatically? The simplest way of customer retention is to inform the customer.

You create advertising mailings?

You would like to expand your individual advertising letter to the Internet without losing the identity of the customer? We can support you with our individual QR codes.

Do you create and sell goods?

Why do not you make it easy for your customers to experience the Costumer Journey even after the purchase?


You are planning trade fairs and need flexible indoor navigation? You have a geocache box and you also want a digital logbook? You are planning a party and want to use verifiable tickets?

As you can see, the scope of our technology is very wide. Check us and if you like it, we look forward to assisting you in the future with new possibilities.

How Object2Web works ...

Select car, apartment, machine etc.
Create an individual QR code
Attach QR code

Mobile access to data
Update information
Analyze QR code usage

Your advantages

Easy for you

You do not have to program anything. You do not need to be knowledgeable about secure data delivery. Our platform handles all important activities at the touch of a button.

Simplicity for your customers

Once the QR code is attached to the object, the customer only has to scan it and has direct access to the data provided, can send messages to you and read your messages.

PDF and pictures

Provide media such as PDF or images. Customer contact through the QR code. Receive messages from your customers and send messages to your customers. Manage messages and tasks.

More time for the essentials

We take you from annoying tasks. We support your communication and work processes through optimized data connections.
Quite simply!


For only 23ct per QR code you can use our platform. The more objects you manage, the more QR codes you generate, the cheaper the QR code will be.


Our platform automatically translates your data into the language of your customer. Your messages will automatically be displayed in German and in the language of the customer.

Our company



We are often annoyed by complicated or slow processes. We are annoyed by mechanical activities. We strive for simplicity. Our ideas, patents, products and concepts are the result of consistent development work and orientation to the needs of our customers to simplify the complex daily life.


We are omnivorous and see fewer problems than solutions. Like our patent Object2Web, which was created as a solution to an everyday problem. Above all, our projects in the public sphere serve to exchange know-how between the participants and to maintain contacts.
Beratung - Schulung

Consulting - Training

Our consultations and trainings in companies serve the solution finding and the knowledge development of the coworkers and not the self-representation of the advisors.


We have already made many mistakes and still do today. Errors are only there to learn from you and to understand them as innovation drivers. Only those who do nothing make no mistakes.

Carsten Engel

Carsten Engel

Born in 1973 in Würzburg, he has four children and worked in companies of different sizes in different industries. His focus is on consulting and training in the field of optimized organization of companies and efficient data management and networking.

Jürgen Kappenmann

Born and raised in the district of Esslingen in 1974, he has two children and worked in companies of different sizes in different industries. His focus is process and organizational consulting in an international environment.
Jürgen Kappenmann

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